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What people are saying about Parent Partnership Hours (PPH):

What a great year! I LOVED having more parents on campus this year! The connection to the whole family makes a difference! It felt more like a community and relationship this year, more than ever before! 

  • Heritage Elementary and Middle School Teacher

Thanks to all who served this year. It was definitely the BEST YEAR of Heritage!

  • Heritage Administrative member

“I was a bit frustrated at the new parent partner hour requirements last year, but my attitude is much different now. Although our family has been at Heritage for 5 years, this was the first year I felt like I formed a meaningful connection with the Heritage community. I really valued getting to know the teachers and to be able to have timely communication with them. It was a joy to observe my children in their classes and get to know their classmates. The opportunity to connect with other parents, to vent about struggles, and share homeschooling tips was also a bonus!” 

  •  Heritage Parent of Elementary Students

“Parent partner hours gave me greater opportunity to communicate with parents and provided support in my classroom.” 

  • Heritage Elementary Teacher


“When I first heard that we could either pay extra tuition or volunteer 4 hours per week, I instantly wanted to just pay the money. But after I was at Heritage a few weeks, I was really glad that I had the opportunity each week to help out our hard working teachers! It’s nothing for me to do their busy work (catching up the grade books, washing beakers, supervising study hall, sharpening colored pencils, etc), but they were all so grateful! I also really appreciated getting to know my kids’ teachers better, putting names to faces, spending time with my boys and their friends, and getting to know a lot of other Heritage moms. Now I’m thankful for the opportunity and look forward to it next year! 

  • Heritage Parent of Middle School and High School Students


“When I first heard about the 4 hour parent commitment, I was upset. That changed after school started. It was a joy to work the 4 hours. I really enjoyed getting to know the other parents at Heritage and seeing my children “in action.” In previous years I only interacted with the parents in my children’s grades. My children loved seeing me at school whether I was at the front desk, in a classroom, or outside at recess.” 

  • Heritage Parent of Elementary Students


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