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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please read all questions and answers before registering for Heritage Classes. It is imperative that parents agree with, uphold, and understand all policies.


Q:  Does Heritage have a Handbook with policies and information?  

A:  Yes!  You can read and print it here.


Q: Is Heritage a good fit for my family?
A: Heritage Academy Incorporated exists to supplement and complement the work of parents in the home. We are not a replacement teaching service. This means that we expect full involvement of parents in the education process; parents are to hold their child accountable for completion of all work and preparation for tests, quizzes, and labs. This means that, even for middle school and high school students, you as a parent should be supervising and checking completion of assignments weekly. Parents of elementary students will need to spend time daily with their child completing assignments. If you disagree with our curriculum choice, and/or if you are not willing, or do not have the time, to partner in this process, Heritage is not a good fit for your family.*


At Heritage, we view academics as an important means of character development as we raise our children for the Lord. Turning in neat work, on time, teaches responsibility. Working diligently in class and at home, even at hard tasks teaches discipline and perseverance. Listening and paying careful attention in class teaches preference for others and submission to authority. Interacting with other students teaches kindness, and at times, self-denial. Arriving on time, prepared for the day, teaches respect for others and attention to detail. Using our minds for in-depth study teaches us about God, and allows us to serve him more fully. The list goes on. We have seen our own children and our students thrive when they are pushed, and we have seen the joy and satisfaction that come from a job well done. At Heritage, it is our goal to help raise up children who are passionate about learning, equipping them for a lifetime of studying and serving God. If you have similar goals and you are willing to work with your child at home, Heritage may be a good fit for you. Come and study with us!


*Heritage Academy Incorporated reserves the full right to deny access to or to ask families to leave if Heritage is not a good fit.  We have very limited space and we look forward to partnering with like-minded families with similar goals.


Q: Where and when do Heritage classes meet?

A: Heritage meets on Mondays and Tuesdays at Easthaven Baptist Church, 2010 Whitefish Satge Road, Kalispell.


Q: What is the schedule for the 2017-2018 school year?  



2018-2019 School Calendar

August 29- Math classes begin online

September 6- Mandatory Parent Meeting, 7 pm

September 10- First Day of Classes

October 22/23- Fall Break, math classes meet online

December 10/11- Last Days of Classes at Easthaven before Christmas Break

December 17- Heritage Christmas Concert & Art Show, 5:30 & 7:30.  Rehearsal 9 am.

December 19/20- Last Day of Math Classes before Break

January 7- Classes Resume

February 18/19- Winter Break

March 25/26- Spring Break, math classes meet online

April 22/23- Classes meet after Easter. 

May 10- Heritage Spring Concert & Art Show, 5:30 & 7:30. Rehearsal 9 am.

May 13/14- Last Days of Classes

May 15- End-of-year picnic at Lawrence Park, 12-2 pm


*Our schedule provides a one week break every 5-7 weeks throughout the school year. There are 30 class meetings in the Heritage calendar for 2017-2018.


Q: What do you mean by a Biblical worldview?

A: At Heritage, we are very excited to teach from a Biblical worldview. What does this mean and why is important? Each person has a worldview, that is a particular philosophy of life and a way of interpreting the world around him. Worldview answers the questions why am I here?, where did I come from?, what happens at death?, what is right and wrong? Our worldview is shaped by what we believe about God, creation, man, purpose, and morality. A Biblical worldview, then, is based on, and seeks to explain all of life by God’s revealed word found in the Bible. God and the Scriptures are not compartmentalized into “Bible time” but truth, as revealed in the Bible, instructs every area of our study.


Q: Does Heritage Academy Incorporated have a Statement of Faith?
A: Yes, we do have a Statement of Faith that our teachers agree to uphold.  Click here to read it.  It can also be found in our Handbook.


Q: What role do parents play at Heritage?
A: We view parents as the primary educators of their child and expect active parental involvement in Heritage coursework. Parents are to hold their child accountable for completion of assignments, as well as preparation for tests and quizzes. In addition, we strongly encourage parents to come to class and help out or observe!


Q: What behavior is expected at Heritage?
A: It is expected that each student will conduct himself/herself in a manner that brings glory and honor to Christ. This includes, but is not limited to, honoring authority, showing preference for others, respecting the church facility, participating appropriately in class, and completing all work to the best of his/her ability.


Q: How are discipline problems addressed?
A: The Bible tells us that God disciplines those that he loves so that He might draw them back into fellowship with Himself. He also institutes authority on earth to govern His people. In the event that a behavior problem arises at Heritage, the teacher will work closely with the parent(s) to reconcile the situation. It is our goal for each student to learn self control and obedience out of a desire to please the Lord.


Q: What are the costs for each class?
A: The costs for each class are listed on our Admissions page. 


Q: Where do I buy the required textbooks for my child?
A: A book list will be sent out to registered families with links sometime in mid-summer. If you have questions, please contact us. Please do not purchase textbooks until you have received confirmation of your enrollmemt, and make sure that you have received your textbooks prior to the first class (this requires ordering by mid-August). 


Q: Is there a discount for families with multiple children enrolled?
A: There is a discount for families with more than three full time students enrolled. There is a significant discount for students who attend Heritage all day. See our Admissions page for more information.


Q: How do I enroll my child in classes? 
A: Please visit our Admissions page and click the "Enroll Now" button for step-by-step instructions on how to register.


Q: Does Heritage give grades or progress reports?
A: Grades will be given in most classes for students in grades 6th-12th. If you wish for your younger student to receive a grade, please notify the teacher at the beginning of the year. Any child struggling with a grade lower than a 75% will receive a progress report at mid-semester. We use an online gradebook,, that is easy to access 24/7.


Q: What should I do if my child is absent? 
A: If your child is absent please contact your child’s teacher to let her know the reason for the absence and to obtain any pertinent information that was missed (contact information can be found on our teachers page). Make sure that you check your email or the website assignments page so your student can keep up with the work assigned. If you know in advance that you will be absent, please let your child’s teacher know.


Q: How can I contact my child’s teacher? 
A: Email contact information for each teacher can be found on our Staff page. Some teachers may prefer to be contacted by phone; this information will be given via email and shared via Google Docs at the beginning of the school year. If you have trouble contacting a teacher you can contact us. We welcome parent initiated communication and look forward to visiting with you!


Q: How do I know what assignments my child has? 
A: Weekly assignments will be posted on our website under Assignments before Tuesday morning. You will be given a password to access the assignment site when classes begin in September. Please do not share access with families outside of Heritage.


Q: Are cell phones, ipods, or other electronic devices allowed at Heritage?
A: Cell phones are allowed at Heritage only for the purpose of emergency contact. Cell phones brought to school will be placed in a basket with the teacher at the beginning of class for the duration of class time. Ipods and other electronic devices are not allowed at Heritage for any reason. Gaming or playing on electronic devices during school hours is not permitted. Computer permitted for schoolwork only. This policy will be enforced.


Q: Can my child eat lunch at Heritage?
A: Your child can bring a sack lunch and eat at the church if he/she has classes immediately before and/or after lunch.  We do expect your child to eat quietly, neatly, and to clean up after himself/herself. Due to severe food allergies there will be no sharing of food. Please refrain from sending food that will need to be heated and remember to send a water bottle and any utensils that will be needed. We love foods that do not stain! Thank you for your consideration of the beautiful facility that we get to use!


Q: Can my child remain at the church if there is a long break between classes?
A: Students in 7th-12th grade may remain in the foyer area of the church for a supervised study hall.  Younger students must be with a parent at all times during a long break between classes (ex.  student has a period off during the day).  


Q: Is there a dress code at Heritage?
A: Please send your child to class looking neat and modest. If any clothing draws our attention in a negative way, we will warn your child once and then send him/her home the next time. (For example: Girls shorts and skirts should be longer than the tip of the finger, when hands are at side. Necklines should be high enough to hide cleavage. Students should refrain from wearing clothing that features disturbing or inappropriate text or imagery. This policy will be enforced.) We have rarely had an issue with this in our program, so we do not feel that there is a need for a more extensive system of rules. Let's keep it that way.


Q: Does the church (Easthaven Baptist) have guidelines for the use of their facility?
A: The church does not have specific guidelines for our use, but we ask that each student and family member treat the facility with great care. It is a privilege to use this beautiful facility! Please enter and exit by the main doors. Thank you for your consideration!


Q: What is the Assembly?

A: Assembly is a weekly, corporate gathering of our students and staff which provides a fantastic opportunity to build a culture of community, worship together, hear instruction from God's Word, and learn from each other. All Heritage students are welcome to attend!


Q: Does Heritage provide transcripts or diplomas?

A: No, transcripts or diplomas are prepared by individual families.


Q: Does Heritage provide college/career counseling or SAT/ACT prep classes?

A: We do not.  There are many resources online for minimal cost.  

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