Heritage History classes are on a 4 year rotation:  Antiquity, Christendom, Early Modern, and Modernity

2020-2021 History courses will cover Ancient History 

Fourth through Sixth

This course will briefly cover Mesopotamian cultures, Biblical history, Egyptian culture, spending a large portion of time studying Ancient Greece and Rome.  Detailed description and suggested book list coming soon.

Seventh and Eighth

This course will cover Mesopotamian cultures, Biblical history, Egyptian culture, Chinese culture, spending a large portion of time studying Ancient Greece and Rome. Students will consider what worldview is and how it affects life and culture, both in their personal experience and in history. Students will also spend time understanding how Greek culture laid the foundation for Western civilization, as well as analyzing Roman culture and its influence on the world and Christianity’s influence on Rome. This course will be taught with the goal of better understanding God’s divine plan for His Church. 


Students will be expected to complete reading from a textbook, primary sources, and living books from the time period. Educational videos will be used to supplement instruction. Assessment will be given in the form of writing assignments, class discussions, projects, and activities. No summative assessments (tests, final exams, etc.) will be given in this course.


High School 

The outstanding King's Meadow Christendom curriculum (lecture sample here) is the centerpiece of this class, which dovetails with our high school English and literature classes.  This class is a survey of the history, literature, art, philosophy, theology, and civics of culture from ancient civilizations through the fall of Rome. Students will be expected to listen to lectures, complete journaling assignments, keep a Book of Centuries, and prepare presentations and responses outside of class.  Expect about 2.5 hours of work at home per week.


Additional material fee (Due in July):

              Dr. George Grant Lecture CD:  $50 per family

              Student syllabus, $25-40 per student

              Book of Centuries- used 7th-12th grade, provided by Heritage.


Text: To be announced. 


**Students read classic literature texts from this time period and write essays in English and literature.  History may be taken separately.