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Extra-Curricular Community Life is much different at Heritage Academy than traditional learning environments.  The diversity and flexibility of student athletics and activities are as varied as the number of families and the churches they represent.  Rich formative learning experiences are even better when shared in Christian community.


The weekly structure of class time and flexible learning at home allows for a deeper and broader participation in Flathead Valley sports and activities.  Students who learn at home are also not tied to an annual extra-curricular school year calendar.  Although the Montana High School Association limits competition between private schools/ homeschool athletics and the public High Schools, many families take full advantage of our valley's robust travel club sports, Flathead Valley Homeschool Association Athletics, Stillwater Christian School's Athletics, and various theatres of Children's Performing Arts.  Here are some examples of how our families participate.

Heritage Activities

  • Heritage Academy Ultimate Frisbee (8th-12th) Spring

  • Heritage Academy Cross Country Team (7th-12th) Fall

  • Heritage Academy Track (7th-12th) Spring

Activities Outside of Heritage to Explore

Performing Arts & Other Extra-Curriculars

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