Speech and Informal Logic  

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“My chief objection to a quarrel, is that it ends a good argument.” -G.K. Chesterton.


“Middle and high school students will argue (and sometimes quarrel), but they won’t argue well without good training. The Art of Argument is designed to teach the argumentative adolescent how to reason with clarity, relevance, and purpose. The mastery of informal logic (the logical fallacies) is a foundational subject by which other subjects are evaluated, assessed, and learned.”- Classical Academic Press website


This class will teach 28 informal fallacies incorporating humor with examples drawn from current events, popular culture, advertising, religion, politics, and history.  Students will present persuasive speeches and debates as they discuss, reason, and laugh together.

This class has  minimal homework, about 25 minutes each week. 

Informal Logic was offered in 2017-2018.

2018-2019 will be our first year to offer Introductory Logic and Formal Logic.   


Why study Logic?  Students will argue and they will use reason.  Why not teach them to do so with clarity and respect?

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