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Model UN____________________________________________________

Prerequisite:  none

Notes:  This class will meet weekly from 4:10-5:30 on Thursdays from September 10-November.  Students will travel to Missoula for the Model UN conference November 18-20, 2019.

Fees:  $250 (or less depending on student numbers), includes Model UN conference registration fee + food at the conference.  Gas and hotel will be in addition to this. 

**This class is a very heavy workload from September- November.**

Every year in late November, high school students from across Montana and Northern Idaho meet in Missoula to put into practice extensive country and issue research through a simulation of United Nations committee meetings. Like all Model UN conferences, MMUN is designed to teach students about international events and organizations, mediation, conflict resolution, negotiation and the United Nations. Through a two-day simulation, students gain an understanding of international events and crises, as well as an insight into the United Nations and international diplomacy.

The Model UN class is designed to teach and guide students through the preparation necessary to participate in the competition in Missoula. Depending on number of students,  the Heritage group will be given between 1 and 4 countries to research and represent. Each student will be assigned to a country and a UN committee they will serve on representing their country. Students will research and write 2 or 3 one page papers representing their county’s position on specific issues that their UN committee will be discussing. The topics are often quite complex dealing with issues current and relevant in the international community. At the Model UN, students will propose resolutions in the committee to deal with the various topics they have researched. 

During this class, we also discuss the United Nations, its history, and the pros and cons of such an organization.  The UN is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and a good knowledge and understanding of its functions will help Christians deal with important world concerns.

Last November, our students won multiple awards in Missoula and came away with the designation "Best Small School". 


This class is worth 0.5 English credits for high school students.   

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